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Dear Reader,

Thank you for being here. I wanted to share with you some of my story and explain a little about how The MotherMind Way came about.


Before I became a mother, I went to antenatal classes, I learnt about labour, feeding positions, swaddling and colic massage. I felt equipped for the practical elements of motherhood and had a bookshelf full of books guiding me as I navigated the different stages and ages.


However no class or book equipped me for the worry, for the guilt, the anxiety. Nobody taught me about the days I felt I’d ticked nothing off the to-do list, but still crumbled into a shattered heap. Nobody taught me about how to deal with wildly conflicting emotions, the sting of comparison, self-doubt and wavering confidence. 

I hit a messy rock bottom after the birth of my second child. It was spurred by a toxic mixture of holding myself to unachievable standards, silent reflux, chronic sleep deprivation and a diagnosis of postnatal anxiety and depression. 

I found huge comfort in social media and the relationships built through baby classes and regaling tales of broken nights, unbrushed teeth and spats with partners. I realised how very common these feelings, experiences and responses to motherhood were. 


Whilst I no longer felt alone in these things, I wanted to do more than just accept a life at the bottom of the priority list, I wanted to find healthier ways to deal with these emotions, just as I supported my clinical clients in doing so. I wanted to explore the idea that there was more for me, more for my life than a resignation that mothering my precious children would be done to the background buzz of guilt, worry and self-questioning. 

As I started writing my story and applying my clinical knowledge to my own motherhood journey, my life has, is, and continues to be transformed. As I’ve created, discovered and used different techniques and approaches to my guilt, my conflicted feelings and my harsh inner critic, I’ve created space in my head and my heart to be more present and happier, both with my children and in my life.


So, in The MotherMind Way, that is what I want to share. Through the video guides, I want to equip you with the things I didn’t have, and talk openly and helpfully about the things I didn’t know, so that you too, can step into a happier motherhood with more compassion and understanding for yourself than ever before. 

As you find ways to change the way you approach the guilt and the worry, the anxiety for the uncertainty, the power given to comparison, the striving for surviving and the constant de-prioritising of your own needs, you clear a path for something better, something healthier, happier and far more fulfilling. 

Welcome to The MotherMind Way

Anna x


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