Sofa Session Reviews

Address driving anxiety, health anxiety, mum guilt, overwhelm, emetophobia and more! Enjoy 45-60 minute sessions with Anna.


Your delivery was so powerful, this one hour has been worth 20 hours of private therapy. You just get it and that’s so important

Health Anxiety Sofa Session Attendee

Thanks so much for a fantastic session. I could have stayed on for another hour!

Health Anxiety Sofa Session Attendee

I was nodding away and scribbling to try and savour every bit of what you said

Health Anxiety Sofa Session Attendee

Ive just really enjoyed every second of your Mothering the Mother sofa session and feel so seen and validated and basically less like I’m a storm in a teacup and more like a badass mother who’s survived the most brutal year I could’ve ever imagined

Mothering the Mother Sofa Session Attendee

I honestly can’t explain the relief of hearing you speak out loud all of the ways that emetophobia can impact a persons life. I took away so many helpful things

Emetophobia Sofa Session Attendee

I have benefited so much from this session. It was so relatable and informative and I feel I’ve taken so much away with me to work on. It was money well spent and I’m already looking to see what other courses I can do

Overwhelm & Burnout Sofa Session Attendee

I came away recognising what my fear actually is ! I came away with tools to help me overcome it and most of all HOPE! Thankyou Anna your a real life angel on earth

Driving Anxiety Sofa Session Attendee

Anna is the most relatable, compassionate lady who feels just like a friend and Knowing she has experienced the driving anxiety herself made it more helpful 

Sofa Session Attendee

That was so good. You spoke about some of my dark thoughts (and answered someone’s question that I wouldn’t dare to ask). I felt like light was coming in. Intrusive thoughts need to be talked about

Sofa Session Attendee

Thank you so much, I feel seen and to hear its not your fault is so empowering. Thank you for sharing what your Mum said such a kind thing to share and this session has helped me so much. I am hopeful now I can begin to conquer this when I never thought I could before, thought I would always live with anxiety and fear. From the bottom of my heart thank you.

Health Anxiety Sofa Session Attendee