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Grab a cosy spot on the sofa (or even in the bath!) and expect to be encouraged and equipped as Anna shares her professional and personal insight.

Do you find yourself preoccupied with anxiety about nausea and vomiting in yourself or others? Having experienced herself, Anna's life has been changed by addressing emetophobia. In this session Anna not only provides hope that it can change for you too, she shares all the things that helped.

Please note, these sessions were recorded live, so expect the occasional doorbell or cat meow!

What People Are Saying:

I found this session so reassuring and empowering. It felt like we just had a cuppa and the hugest hug and it was utterly refreshing.

Sofa Session Attendee

Thank you for the sofa session last night, I found it comforting, informative and made me hopeful.

Sofa Session Attendee

Thankyou Anna 🙏🥰 Ive Just really really enjoyed every second of your Mothering the Mother sofa session and feel so seen and validated and basically less like I’m a crazy shit storm in a teacup and more like a badass mother who’s survived the most brutal year I could’ve ever imagined. It’s hard because it’s hard, and I’m not enough! And that’s ok! It all makes sense. Thankyou so much.

Sofa Session Attendee