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The Happy New Mum Guide PART ONE

The MotherMind Way Happy New Mum Guide is focussed entirely on you. We aren’t here to tell you how to manage routine, or which way to wean. We nurture, support and equip you in navigating the emotions that come with motherhood in the healthiest, most affirming and fulfilling way possible. 


The Happy New Mum Guides Part One and Two have been designed to be enjoyed together. You can either buy the guide in its entirety or spread the cost by purchasing each part separately. 

Through warm and easy to listen to videos, audios and optional journal prompts, Psychotherapist, and mum of three, Anna Mathur, provides you with a wealth of advice and tools to help you thrive in this two part guide. 

As you find your guilt, shame, self-criticism, exhaustion and comparison ease, you make space for more happiness, more support and more confidence. And who, who amongst us, wouldn’t benefit from more of those things?

Anna believes that whilst guilt, worry, anxiety, self-questioning, burnout (and more) are overwhelmingly common in motherhood, you do not have to accept them as your normal. Anna helpfully and compassionately touches on taboo topics of rage, resentment, trauma and intrusive thoughts.

As Anna supports you in reshaping the way you feel about rest and self-care, you’ll begin to see how important, and possible it is to move your way up your own list of priorities, back to where you belong.

FOR £12 in PART 1 you'll enjoy:

 A suite of videos ranging from 5-10 minutes in length, with subtitles and audio versions available 

• A list of helpful contacts

• Six months access to the guide


Here is a little lowdown of some of the topics included within PART ONE of your guide.


Hear about Anna's experience as a Psychotherapist and mother. The reasons behind why we are so passionate about The MotherMind Way, how it works and how to make the most of it.


An opportunity to consider how you are - how you really are. Explore self-worth and self-esteem and why they matte. Reflect on what you want from the course. Less guilt? More confidence? 

Less anxiety 

Go on a whistle-stop tour of what anxiety is and why mothers might experience more of it. Touch on health anxiety, intrusive thoughts, birth trauma, and gather a toolkit to help. 

Less guilt 

Why we don’t need to accept guilt as ‘just a part of motherhood’. Discover life-changing ways to deal with guilt to reclaim more headspace and healthier self-confidence.




Helpful contacts 


What People Are Saying:

Anna provides that all important access to evidence based information and techniques in such an accessible way. A chance to ‘sit down’ with an experienced psychotherapist without leaving your home.

I am blown away by the structure, the content and the relevance of this course. Anna has a remarkable way of making sense of difficult emotions and empowering women, while equipping them with lifelong tools, to navigate tricky times in life.

This is a well thought out course which covers many important post natal issues in a sensitive and caring manner. At a time when mental health can be so volatile it gentle reassures and normalises a number of ‘taboo’ subjects.

Anna's video sessions and tips were so helpful. Her tips on dealing with mum guilt and looking after yourself, in particular, are making a big difference to my life every day. Wish I'd done this course after baby number 1.