How to have a Merry Imperfect Christmas

Give yourself the gift of encouragement and stress-relief this Christmas with our 'How to Have a Merry Imperfect Christmas' Mini Guide! 

Are you:

  • Feeling the weight of Christmas expectations?

  • Trying to process the last year whilst also looking ahead to the next?

  • Wondering how you’ll get the break and rest you need as the diary fills?

In the season of giving, let yourself receive. This Christmas could easily come with a sack load of extra pressure and expectation, which after a year of uncertainty, is the last thing mums need.

'So warm. So helpful. My shoulders just dropped a few inches' - Sasha

In four bitesize but powerful and supportive videos Anna offers tips to help ease the stress along with ways to find more joy among the to-do lists. She guides you through a reflection on the last year, and stands beside you as you take a moment to dream for what lies ahead in 2022.

Slip your phone into your pocket and listen to the videos like a podcast as you walk, or sit down and allow yourself to be nurtured and encouraged by her words.


Amazing value for money. Real life-changing tips from Anna for dealing with Christmas and beyond. And it felt so nice to have this time to stop and think about me amongst all the noise. I know my whole family will benefit from me having watched this guide

Thanks Anna - this has totally changed the way I will be doing Christmas from now on!

I feel like I've been set free to enjoy this special time and i'll be taking these tips from Anna into real life from now on too.

For £10 you will enjoy:

  • Introduction – A brief introduction to the four sessions
  • Your year matters – Taking a moment to reflect on the last year with compassion and without judgement. Anna validates and untangles some of the emotions you feel when you do so.
  • Less stress  – Enjoy some ways to relieve stress this Christmas. Anna shares ideas and techniques to relieve the mental, emotional and practical pressure this season. 
  • More joy  – The way to welcome more joy this busy season may surprise you! Anna provides you with implementable tips and ways to reframe and reclaim happiness.
  • Space to dream for 2022  This isn’t about making big promises and resolutions, but about finding ways to honour your feelings and hopes for the year ahead, in light of the one that has passed.

Who is Anna? 

Anna is a Psychotherapist, mum of 3, author, and founder of The MotherMind Way. She is passionate about sharing her personal and professional insights in the hopes that you will relieve some of the pressure from yourself this season.