Happy New Mum Guide Reviews

Psychotherapist, Anna Mathur brings bitesize videos, audios and journal prompts to help you thrive mentally & emotionally in motherhood. For mums of under 1's.


Anna's video sessions and tips were so helpful. Her tips on dealing with mum guilt and looking after yourself, in particular, are making a big difference to my life every day. Wish I'd done this course after baby number 1.

Kat, mum of two
Happy New Mum Guide Student

I think the MotherMind Way is going to be incredibly successful. I think postnatal care UK wide is so under resourced and never given the recognition it deserves - the fourth trimester / post natal period / beginning of parenting being a time of most enormous shift and strain in life and yet we continually fail to set women and families up for the chapters of life ahead.

Susie Hogg
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Anna provides that all important access to evidence based information and techniques in such an accessible way. A chance to ‘sit down’ with an experienced psychotherapist without leaving your home.

Dr Katie Denman
Clinical Psychologist

MotherMind Way is a fantastic resource for mums, giving them helpful ways to relieve their anxieties and protect their mental health. It encourages mums to not forget who they were and what they enjoyed before they became a mother, a task which many find difficult but is so important! 

Rachel Haley


This course really gets you delving into all of those areas of your mind which can struggle when a little one comes along. In fact, even many years down the line this will still be hugely relevant during motherhood. In the course, you are invited to work through many different aspects, and to contemplate, with guidance, how to improve your mental wellbeing. I would absolutely recommend this course to new mums and be wholly confident that they will benefit from it!

Kathryn Hogg

This is a well thought out course which covers many important post natal issues in a sensitive and caring manner. At a time when mental health can be so volatile it gentle reassures and normalises a number of ‘taboo’ subjects.

Tim Hogg
General Practitioner